Product from Urban Tribalism

"Ravens Never Get Cold" signed print. This is my first print ever offered to the public. It is 8.5" by 11" and is part of my new collection "Beyond the Liquid Crystal".

Inspired by the noisy family of "Flying Tanks" on the CTV tower behind my studio. They are one of my favorite creatures.

Its 8.5 by 11 on professionally printed photo glossy paper. Enjoy.


I recently did a cover of a very cool work book written by Robert Angus. Its a journal designed to help you realize your goals. It was fantastic to see the proofs come in and I have had a ton of interest from people to buy it.


Its available here!

Urban Tribalism Apparel is available for retail stores along with 4 by 3 Collages to promote the brand. If you are interested in any of my designs for your store or line please contact me.

Currently this "El Loco Gringo" t-shirt is SOLD OUT. Quantity discounts and promotional art are available for other items. I am always looking for great people to partner with.

"The majority of human kinds residents increasingly populate cities many believe that it is the death of ancient tribal ways but it is just the birth of Urban Tribalism."


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