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Ramsay Mural - Summer 2014

For Nicole - The First Painting 2012

Early in 2012 one of our good friends was diagnosed with ALS. She was 39 years old and in the prime of her life. An avid traveler and an amazing photographer Nicole lived LARGE. We wanted to give something special to her, to help deal with her inevitable path. Something that I knew would be a comfort to her in tough times. We organized sort-of a going away party but didn't call it that. A ton of people came out to the Legion in downtown Calgary from all corners of the earth. That night was so special. As loving family and friends dipped their hands in paint to leave their handprint on the canvas for NIcole, I could see them putting in their thoughts and love for her hard journey to come. After the party, I left the handprints background for a few days to feel the incredible energy it gives off. You could feel the love for Nicole.

I chose to use my 'Gods Hand' stencil. I chose this design for Nicole based on a very special person I met while living in the South Pacific. Madame Carol was from France, and a healer or therapist of sorts in a practise called ACMOS Therapy. So I created and dedicated a painting of a healing hand for Madame Carol. It was my hope that the energy Nicole's friends imbued into her painting that this image would help guide her, or at the very least comfort her.

ALS takes away that we take for granted is undeniable and brutal. In fact for all the great medicine out there this was clearly something that was going to continue its destruction no matter what eastern or western medicine thru at it. When you see it in progress it actually makes you understand that sometimes all you can do for a friend in this situation is be there.

Anyway this post isn't about ALS its about friends, life, and the reality. She loved the painting and hung it above her bed. That made usfeel like no matter how bad things got, her friends were right above her. Hopefully making her feel like what she built with her friends in her life was special and worth more than anyting. Because it was. She was so awesome!

A candle in the wind ...a light in the black.

For Nicole - The Second Painting 2014

Nicole's passing wasn't easy for anyone. It was something inevitable and in some peoples minds a kind of welcome freedom from her pain and restriction that was a progressive reality since the beginning of her diagnosis. After she passed another party was organized and so many more people came from all sorts of different places. She was loved and it was palpable. Her dad Doug reached out to me and asked if I could do another painting in the same way. As a sort of fitting and final tribute and because so more people who missed the first party could participate. I didn't need to think about it because it made sense on a level that's hard to describe. No pressure just do the same thing as before. Well it wasn't an easy task for obvious reasons. Shannon always helps me pick colour and is always real with me if something is not right. So she went and got the canvas and paints that she felt would be suitable. I love that she did that and.

Shannon and Nicole were friends already but became so close as things progressed as other friends faded into the background (I get it its hard to watch and not everybody has the same kind of fortitude). Anyway the laying of hands was the easy part as everyone that participated "got it" with minimal explanation. It was something I was amazed by. After the funeral I actually had a problem with putting anything over the background. 4 months passed and as the painting hung in our hallway every time I passed it I got a combination of the creeps and happiness. Its like it needed time to mellow out like a fine wine. That and if I'm truthful I was terrified by the thought of having to choose an image that was fitting. Flip flopping between a tree of life, a lantern to guide the way, and this thunderbird I was stuck. Knowing that this was in some way a symbol of colour the pressure of finishing it was mounting. One sunny Sunday in the fall I grabbed it and took it out back where I paint and looked at out all of my stencils. No pressure just pick something fitting. As I stood out in my beautiful green space I agonized. a slight wind picked up filling me with something I have a hard time describing. So I will just say it...something told me. Only once before did my ancestors make some thing so clear. "The Thunderbird" they said plain and clear as a bell ringing in silence. That is Nicole a fighter and a soul that will fight to reincarnate from the ashes. To rise and fly again.

March 15 / 2013 - Social Media Creating Tribes

October 23 / 2012 - The Harvest and the Snow

Harvest time is a sacred time for me. Going over the years efforts and reviewing the yield of experiences, triumphs, and losses. To see what you manifested in relationships and goals. Preparing for the long slumber of winter. It snowed heavy today and the beauty of the fall leaves are covered with cold shimmering crystals. The snow eater will come to melt and it will snow again numerous times before full winter sets in. Short days followed by friends and fire. Here in the northern forests and mountains we prepare for a season that is brutal in its beauty and tremendously strong by nature. For those who live for this unrelenting time there is reward in the mountains. As tribes we travel to the peaks and valleys to ride the snow, to fill our eyes, to breath the crisp air and be one with the north.

January 27 / 2012 - Ron Hadley Commission "I am Walking Away From My Brain"

After Ron purchased his first large painting "Sacred Lotus" he commissioned me to do a custom painting for him. His parameters consisted one sentence.. I am walking away from my brain.

After all we are just beasts with big brains...






- Juno Party Oct. 7, 2008 -

Gogo and I rocking out a live painting for the
Universal Juno Party Oct. 7, 2008. This event
was so much fun. Thanks @ Jason Gogo !

- Ice T -

Jason Gogo and I giving a painting to the man Ice T.
He said "That shit is cold jack! I have a special crib
that this is going to! "

"Ravens Never Get Cold"

Just sent this painting to Rankin Inlet for a client. I couldn't be more stoked to be represented in that part of Canada.

I really like this painting so I am releasing a signed print. This is the first print I have ever offered to the public. It is 8.5" by 11". Part of his new collection "Beyond the Liquid Crystal" the 4' by 3' painting was quickly snapped up by a collector before the paint was dry.


Get it here...


- Grandmaster Mele Mel -

Myself, and Grandmaster Mele Mel. A hero of mine since
the Beat Street days. Nice guy.


- Ron Hadly -

Ron Hadly from Beyond Possession fame snapped up this Sacred Lotus painting from my studio. Great guy! We are currently working on the commission"I am Walking Away from My Brain".


- The Firery Land of The Coconut Dudes -

An old friend and collector of my work Chris Dorland and I standing in
front of the painting he commissioned for his man cave.

It was so fun. There is a clip of it below.


- Samantha Fox -

@ Samantha Fox and @ Jason Gogo hanging out at the Rogers 80's Party. Another live painting done to the live music of 80's pop sensation Sam and hip hop legend Mele Mel. It was an honor to do this event. It was hosted by @ kardinal Official.







- The Manifestation Journal -

I recently did a cover of a very cool work book written by Robert Angus. Its a journal designed to help you realize your goals. It was fantastic to see the proofs come in and I have had a ton of interest from people to buy it.


Its available at Amazon here!




- Bico Australia -

I wanted to give a shout out to my jewelry sponsor Bico Australia. They create amazing things everyday and sell them to dedicated customers all around the world. We recently collaborated on their social networking sites to reach more people and


spread the word.

The picture to the left is what awesome looks like!



- Bison B.C. -

One of my favorite metal bands Bison B.C. Here is a fresh
painting to thank you for the metal!

- Prevail from Swollen Members -

Prevailand I picking his painting out. Its going in the studio. What a show!


- Dog Face and the Cadillac Pimp - April 2010

Interesting neighbors are what life is all about. I have lived beside them all, trust me. Over the years I have narrowed down a few of the most spectacular like Dog Face and The Cadillac Pimp. So there I am, in grade 6, living in Calgary with my Mom and Step-dad and attending Sacred Heart Elementary School. My new and albeit temporary last name back then was Mollenhauer, which was pretty much forced on me during a long and strange custody battle happening at the time. Twisted Sister, Herbie Hancock, calculator watches, break-dancing and arcades were popular culture. Mom worked late almost every night at the flower shop she was running, and Burt (Mollenhauer my Step-dad), was usually busy with his home-work or attending pressing social obligations. So I had an abundance of adult-free hang time, most of which was spent with my next door buddy Mike Wood (a.k.a. Stroh). He was a few years younger than I, but he was older than his years. Much older. Much wiser. AND, he had acquired a very impressive Transformer collection. We hung out almost every night.

Mike and I had the same interests and shared an obsession with Ninja movies (although it was hard to find new releases since we went the shitty Beta max route). We went so far as to actually roam the Scarborough streets at night in full costume. Yes, we had ninja costumes. We named ourselves the "Eagle Clan". We bought our stuff from a karate store over in Chinatown. I faithfully wore mine almost every day with my wooden Katana as my trusty companion. Mike's Mom wasn't around much either, its tough being a single Mom holding down multiple jobs. We had the dubious freedom of Huckleberry Fin-ing our evenings away. You know, just a couple of elementary school kids sneaking around a downtown neighborhood in masks and hiding in trees. Of course we didn't even think about legal implications. We were kid ninjas, and our only code was act as true Ninja and become invisible. That actually worked for us, we were too young to know better and as invincible ninjas we felt primed for any danger we might face.

Mike had been doing impressive Ninja recon work on his own, sometimes even before school. He had taken to the trees since we could sit in them spying on the neighbourhood goings on. I welcomed the lifestyle immediately and together, Mike and I turned our extra-curricular activities into an art form. We were competitive too. Chad, another wise-beyond-his-years friend of ours, would come down from Olds and fit right in as the third Ninja. He secured his position by showing up with very creative gear such as homemade climbing claws, grappling hooks, and shirkins. But Mike and I had the daily birds-eye view of our local and varied micro-culture. Bangers, business people, church goers, dealers, pimps, gangs, hookers, motorheads, and of course some nice, normal, everyday people all fell under our observant gaze.

Let's get to our discovery of "Dog Face" and his crew. This crazy character lived across the street from our condo building in a bungalow. It was a bit run down and, at first glance, seemed unassuming to the naked eye. But to a trained Ninja, we realized the patches Dog Face proudly wore were congruent with a prominent motor cycle gang. A big gang, and the unassuming bungalow was really a club house run by Dog Face himself. Directly across the street from us! We passed by it every day as we walked to school, and spied on it every night we could. We'd spy on the front of the house from a tree, and we'd also spy from the back alley, we were very thorough. Now Dog Face wasn't this biker's real name. You see, Mike had a fantastic imagination and the nick name was born because the view from our tree into Dog Face's clubhouse clearly displayed a familiar art piece, popular in the day. You know it- the velvet "Dogs Playing Poker" painting. Might have been an original.

You can understand how Dog Face and his crew became somewhat of an obsession for ninjas like us. I liked to see him handling his business. Surprisingly, their going's on seemed very corporate and efficient. Life imitated art when Dog Face and his crew would sit at their table, looking just like the Dogs in the painting. Sometimes friends (or "business associates") from out of town would be featured. Being in that tree on a Friday or Saturday night, witnessing the inner world of a private biker club and their privileges was very... educational. I will leave it to your capable imagination, but rest assured I learned very interesting things about the local economy in the early 80's. It was truly something to behold. Old Dog Face almost caught us, just once, but I think he might have sensed us occasionally, which made our observations that much more exciting, let me tell you. Eventually we moved on, but Dog Face has a special place in our history and can never be forgotten.

Another fascinating (and equally questionable both legally and ethically) neighbour had a real impact on my young life a the time. Pimping apparently ain't easy... but the "Cadillac Pimp" that lived 2 doors down from us had a gleaming, green caddy that lit up the whole parkade. This was no normal car. It was a testament to big pimpin', all customed-out. It was that magnificent vehicle that brought me and Cadillac Pimp together, we started talking about his car. And we became unlikely friends right away.

Since I was on my own a lot, I was super stoked to have another friend in the condo, especially one with so much steeze. It's important to explain that I didn't really understand the concept of pimpin' yet. I mean I was in elementary school! So, to my young delight, I started seeing these "pretty ladies" waiting around in our second floor lobby. Always they waited, in that lobby chair, overlooking the street until a cab would arrive for them. Every night of the damn week this went on, with a lot of different ladies always coming and going from his crib. My Ninja skills also had me coming and going from our 'crib' most evenings, you know to top up on Ninja supplies (juice boxes and pizza slices from the fridge). Being the gentleman my Mom raised me to be, I would stop and talk to the friendly ones. I had no idea what was really going on, but it seemed pretty awesome to me and I was eager to hang out with C.P.

Finally the Saturday came when I was to go over to Cadillac Pimp's crib to listen to his records! I was so excited and ready to impress. I banged on the door and not surprisingly, a lady answered. She had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing a towel on her head and had a short kimono on (very short). My nerdy little face must have turned 8 shades of red. She kindly greeted me and escorted me into the living room. The Cadillac Pimp was on the phone. He smiled and motioned for me to sit down and relax.

Now I need to set the scene a little here because this was no regular crib. It was so 80's fresh it blew my little elementary school mind. There were large sculptures of a gloss black panthers, carved ivory tusks, African masks, and, of course, naked lady art. His couches were top of the line black leather and I sank into them as we chilled and chatted in front of his giant hi-fidelity entertainment center. The kimono-lady brought us drinks and snacks and we talked about Dog Face. They new each other and seemed to have some sort of business dealings. He liked that I was a business minded kid and we talked about cool ideas. The place was filled with expensive stuff and other women kept milling around. It was a big condo with lots of rooms and a kind-of "party atmosphere". And a sweet smell always hung in the air, a combination of perfume, cologne, and incense. The kind of incense they burn at rock concerts, I thought. My eyes couldn't be more full and my mind was racing. What made this guy so popular and so rich? And what was that incense coming out from under his door every day? I assumed he bought that shit in bulk, little did I know.

Finally, we plowed through his wall of records and he introduced me to some Fat Boys, Whodinni, Midnight Star, and some UTFO/Full Force - Roxanne Shante. He was impressed that I liked Herbi Hancock because that was jazz music, and he didn't think kids liked that. He even hooked me up with a special price discount that he had at this record store on 1st Street. The owner always gave me that deal, no questions asked. Not only did we chill together to listen to records, but he gave me a few to take home which I would soak up fully in all my spare time. And he told me when I returned them he would loan me some more. All right, score! An invitation to go back and hang-out again! The entire time we chilled he took phone calls and handled his business. All in stride and with ease. No problem man. He made it look easy and he obviously enjoyed his work. But I just knew to never ask him about it. Never.

We stayed friends until we moved and he let me keep all of that vinyl as a gift. Mom kind of clued me in on what kind of "home business" he was running and asked me not to go over there any more. I did any way. His business seemed to have a nice corporate culture, nice benefits, and no visible violence. It was almost as if it was a good set up for the employees. A place to live and work from, protection, money management services, and party perks. I think it was one of those rare business models that benefited every one in the organization, in my young mind's view.

The Cadillac Pimp's business skills were mightier than his pimp hand. I am older now and looking back I have to laugh. Things are much clearer now with regards to Dog Face and CP and what they did for a living. But I still think fondly of those times. I didn't know exactly what they were doing, but I admired them because they were real life pirates living by their own code. Outside the norm, no suits, no ties. Renegades. Rogues.



- Future Shock - 2010

Because in our fantastic, gigantic universe, human life-lessons seem insignificant and trivial by comparison. Yet in our inner personal world these things are as huge as a quasar. 2009 was a year jammed with lessons like the ones I have suggested above. Like a constant accumulation of heavy, fresh powder, they happened over the course of a year. I am writing this story on December 21, 2009 and it’s the longest night of the year. Talking with Shanni on the cell from Fernie, we remembered all of the stuff from this year. Some were awesome, some were cool, and some were …not so much. But we have a sort-of tradition of going over our past year every December. We landmark things, take stock of experiences and marvel at how much was learned, whether we liked it or not. Inventory time.

This year’s list was fantastically diverse and pivotal. As I clinked glasses with Gaston, Leeroy, and the Cyclone, a smile crossed my face. One more year on this planet checked off the list. 2010 is already exciting and in-the-works. Like the Satori Movement, currently calculating their fall 2010 line with some of my designs. Its important to look ahead, further down the path. Think big, roll the dice, and make that shit happen.

Humans have been constantly rubbing Aladdin’s lamp and smoke is finally emerging. 2012 is where humanity realizes their full potential and hopefully the world’s old ways and bad habits will die like a cosmic new year resolution.

Worm holes over Norway
, magneto plasma propulsion, stem cell research, warping time and space with the hadron collider! Cmon its bananas but still no flying cars? Like it or not we are heading into an amazing time for human civilization. Our exponential technological advancements and possibilities in medicine and technology are rocketing into fruition. Its Future Shock, just like Alvin Toffler predicted in his book written in the fifties. Its almost like we don’t believe what’s happening right in front of our eyes, or perhaps its that we just can't personally fix it all on our own. Sustainability is our only fiduciary obligation to our earth and we are getting there. Dreams do come true and positivity is in the air. I think of my buddy Hans and his inspirational attitude in the face of crazy diversity, he still remains positive and won't lose heart. His philosophy is that if you stay ready for a few laughs, you're golden. Keep chasing your dreams, no matter what, you don't know how long you have. Approach the present wholeheartedly, just like Hans. Trial by fire is the way of the universe. If the right set of factors line up, there is a cause and effect. Action and reaction. Take action more, and worry less about reaction

Here is my 2009 in a random stream of consciousness summary:

Ma-Ma-O Beach dealing with karma and politicians leading to inappropriate words from a Mayor (slave girl!?). Bico tribe sponsor and a movement named Satori, more skateboarding and less injuries, reconnecting with my step dad after 20 years, Reverand Kill commissioning me to create a CD cover for "War and Conflict", an amazing 10 year anniversary in Palm Springs with Shanni my favorite person in the world, Snow Paw came into our life while Sully is aging & dealing with a new furry face, cool Art Spot people helping me expand my art, realizing depreciating assets can unfortunately be friends, defamed by a Hater with snow job accusations, Luke and Mackenzie bright the new recruits, sales with niches, Russell losing Survivor, hard work, all important life lessons leading down an aging well worn path to enlightenment.

I dedicate this entry to my friends Hans and Tammy. Get well soon!

Also thanks to Satori Movement and Bico Tribe for digging my art in 2010. I truly look forward to doing business with you.


- Where We Live - MAY 26 2009

Because sometimes it's good to shake things up. Move to a new cool pad, take a random chance, and flip your script. Get a cool tattoo. Move and work in a tropical paradise, Take a business risk. Tell your art teachers they are douche bags. Downsize or upgrade according to each situation, and get behind a decision that some of your people may question. They will question it mostly because they love you and don't want to see you go, or fail, or worse- turn into an asshole. But it all stems from love, or no one would care what you do.

Mostly all love anyway, I like to think. Love with a few human competitive tendencies, jealousies, and strings attached. I say let your people surprise you and support them in their choices. Looking at it that way feels better. Getting judged sucks, but I catch myself doing it. Then I stop! Because I believe that people, especially the people I love, can do anything they want. Anything.



You can actually see people shine when they are winning. When people you love are shining, you see that core light bursting from their seams. You see it when people are doing well, moving forward, and making their daydreams really happen. It might take 5 years, or 10 years, or an entire lifetime making it happen. But making it happen is what I think life is all about. I hate it when people assume someone just can't do something. But accomplishments speak for themselves. No talk needed. Just blow people away with your accomplishments, and they might realize that they are really proud of what you have done. Even if they didn't think it was going to work, that it was too risky. Everyone evaluates risk differently. But seeing people succeed; that is how you store the essence of that person in your brain. At their most brilliant time. Inevitably friends move to new locations - hey a cool new spot you can go visit. And they'll know the freshest local spots.... and maybe then you'll totally understand why they did it.

And when you're looking around thinking "holy crap, check out where I am right now", you can sit back and smile. You change where you live and where you live changes you. No matter what kind of crappy experiences will come along with big life changing decisions, you always learn some good lessons and at the very least, have a crazy story to tell. I feel that we need to keep going forward, increasing our personal wisdom always striving onwards and upwards. Sacrifice and commitment. To leave a legacy, a great story. One that YOU wrote, and looking back creates an interesting, unique and twisting path. With risks. Your "future ancestors" might just sip sacred water and tell your story around a fire in a post-petroleum earth. So with that in mind, for fucks sake, make it an individual and interesting story! Tell your friends and family when they are contemplating a big decision that you know they can do it if they just commit to doing it 100%, think ahead to avoid risks as best as you can, but go for it. Everyone needs someone in their corner no matter how things turn out.

I dedicate this entry to my beautiful muse Shannon, who told me I should write a blog because I have interesting stuff to say. Also for my Mom who never stops seeking her dreams out and surprising her people with her life's colorful path.


I painted this sign for Marie: Marie was a local Ni-Vanuatu who was one of our amazing Ni-Vanuatu employees. She helped us so much so we paid for her to go to USP upgrade her business skills. I painted her a surfboard sign for her village store that her family ran. A great business person and friend.

So we sold our bungalow to raise money for our business venture. We ended up kind of impulse buying this neat condo built on one of Alberta's biggest foothills. So we downsized tremendously and shed a bunch of junk we were just storing in our house. It turns out that this area was a big Blackfoot campground for a bunch of different reasons. To scout bison herds, get water from the Bow River, and live in a beautiful location. If your explore around there is a giant medicine wheel, and Tipi circles all over the place. I love it here!

April 27, 2003 - An Introduction to the Art Of Jason O'Connor and Urban Tribalism

I guess when you are super close to your work it's kind of hard to decide on a style that most accurately represents it. My aesthetic essence is Urban Tribalism and it most accurately depicts the type of art I create. My biography and experience are kind of different from others. It is almost cliche at the same time what with me being a former graffiti writer and what not. The truth is I haven't created anything street for a while now. Canvas, wood, doors, chests, and things that we can use in our homes are more what I do now and people are digging it. I really want to paint on the streets again because its just so amazing to see that perfectly placed stencil or wheat paste. Even the messages like the one on the right and below are artistic. People have such a desire to spread their voice that they write it wherever they can. The bullet holed walls in the CNN background with the political graffiti....that is what people should be paying attention to. It is the word of the streets.


its the faint radio signal of the artistic populace. Even the ones who have no "can control"...


I love art and will never stop. This is a personal guarantee to everyone who owns my work.

So welcome to my new web site, my next level of artistic expression, but most of all welcome to the tribe. That's why I chose the .org.... because I am passing it down to new artists. Others will come and a movement will be created. From the pigment in the reed to the hand on the cave wall, it's the impression left for us to find. This is how Urban Tribalism will be discovered in two thousand years from now. A simple "cave painting" from a distant civilization.



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