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Urban Tribalism - The Sacred Art of Jason O’Connor

To some, it’s all just tribal but to me, it’s part of my life and travels. To others it’s broken down into sub categories like Neo-expressionist and Primitivism. It includes geometry, pointillism, henna style, Polynesian, Melanesian, mixed with text and cool stuff. I am an artist that works in many mediums and my heros are Paul Gauguin, Risk Rock, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairy, Jean-Michel Basquiat and all of my family at AK.

"My work pulls from deep wells of global tribal culture and remixes it into something new with the help of modern tools.

Urban Tribalism is my original style of art. What I create is what makes me thrive. An avid skateboarder, I am influenced by graffiti culture, ancient ruins, world cultures, tattoos, and mysticism. Making new iconic imagery through sacred designs is my voice. To some it’s all just “tribal”. Urban Tribalism is what Jay calls his art and it’s a mix of global cultural art and modern urban art.

“I have drank kava sitting with Vanuatu Tribal Chiefs who shared old tribal wisdom that greatly enlightened me. “

I started my art career 24 years ago as the street artist for our skateboarding crew Team Sacrifice. Now I make paintings and designs for different things.

All human cultures have one important thing in common; we all huddle together in our caves when the shit really goes down.

Make time to learn from others ideologies, and sacred ways.

After almost 15 years my work is present in hundreds of paintings, textiles, murals, architecture, clothing, and tattoos.


Many thanks for stopping by my home on the internet.
Jay the Shaded Cloud



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